Yantai Moon (VietNam) Co.,Ltd. was put into operation in June,2007.As the wholly owned subsidiary company of Moon-Tech, Yantai Moon (Viet Nam) Co., Ltd. mainly produces and sales refrigeration compressors, PU pannels, food quick freezers etc. and Provides the services of design, installation, commissioning and maintenance. The primary service area is ASEAN market.

Moon-Tech Group was founded in 1956, is a cross-sectoral, multinational operations and national large-scale industrial enterprises: industrial refrigeration equipments, central air-conditioning systems, precision castings, sealing materials, cogeneration circulating fluidized bed boiler, plastic profile pipe.

Moon-Tech Group actively create a competitive advantage, to continue to expand the space for development,  steady improvement in economic efficiency, and significantly enhance the comprehensive competitiveness, has awarded three of the top ten enterprises in the core competitiveness of China Machinery Industry, China National Machinery Industry sales income of 100 companies , the National Quality Management Advanced Enterprise,  the title of competitiveness of large enterprise groups in China top 500 enterprises, 2010 sales revenue of nearly 40 billionsyuan, the export volume of over 800 millionsyuan.

Moon-Tech Group headquarters and four industrial park covers an area of ​​1.8 million square meters , has six production plants directly under, 11 ownership of enterprises, six Sino-foreign joint ventures, an overseas production base, an integrated Class design institutes a state-certified enterprise Technology Center, a post - doctoral research station.

Moon-Tech Group listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange ( stock code 000811 ) in May 28, 1998, isrefrigeration and air conditioning equipment manufacturing, sales , refrigeration and air conditioning complete project planning , technical consulting , engineering design , installation and commissioning, equipment maintenance , system upgrade services for the main business and services in commercial refrigeration , industrial refrigeration , artificial intelligence environment (special air conditioning ) and other fields.

Moon-Tech Group shares committed to the development of refrigeration and air conditioning business , certain international competitiveness of China 's refrigeration and air conditioning industry leader in the refrigeration industry 's largest production scale , one of the most complete variety of integrated services company , the largest screw refrigeration compressor manufacturing base. develop projects NH3/CO2 cascade refrigeration system.

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